DentalVibe (Painless Dental Shots) by Hunt Valley, MD Dentist Dr. Joel Nathanson.

Video Transcript

DentalVibe (Painless Dental Shots)

The DentalVibe is a really neat device. It’s almost like a little buzzer. That’s what we call it for patients, and we place it in the area where we’re going to administer anesthetic.

It works on the principle that the nerves that transmit pain messages to the brain are the same ones that transmit vibration. So what this device does is it overloads those nerve pathways with vibration messages. It makes it harder for the pain messages to get through.

I have used this extensively ever since I discovered it. In fact, I won’t administer anesthetic without it. I often have patients ask me, when are you going to give me a shot? When in fact, I’ve already administered the anesthetic.

So the DentalVibe is a great way to help make getting numb a little bit more comfortable.